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Second- Hand clothes Pop-up store in Mexico City promotes recycling to reduce the environmental impact of the textile industry.

Der neue Audi Q5


Ein Ingolstädter aus Mexiko? Das kommt vielen vielleicht spanisch vor. Aber der neue Audi Q5 wird tatsächlich in einem hochmodernen Werk in Mittelamerika gebaut. Die Frage: Was macht dieses kompakte SUV eigentlich so erfolgreich? Schließlich ist es ein echter Bestseller der Marke mit den vier Ringen. Die GRIP-Testfahrer Matthias Malmedie und Niki Schelle wollen genau das herausfinden.

La Legende d'El Chapo


Au dernier jour de la mandature Obama - histoire pour le Mexique de ne pas faire de cadeau à Trump - El Chapo a été extradé de sa prison de Ciudad Juarez vers New-York, où on l'a présenté à un juge. Il a plaidé non coupable des 17 chefs d'accusation dont il répond, et on l'a mis en cellule. La légende s'arrête elle maintenant? Retour sur la phénoménal ascension du "courtaud", Joachim Guzman Loerra diffusé voici un an sur 13eme Rue.


Un oeil sur l'évolution: Poissons mexicains 

Danger in the Amazon


Correspondent Franc Contreras explores the difficulties one city in the Amazon is facing to balance rapid population growth and environmental protection.

Client: CCTV / Americas Now

Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage



A Mexican turned a popular transportation vehicle into a mobile library. Created by Rodrigo Vasquez and his organization “Bico Yubo,” the vehicle is called Nomada. In the city of Juchitán motorcycle taxis are the main transportation mean. They’re also used as a tool in committing crimes like assaults and robberies. But Rodrigo and a group of artists are using the vehicle to carry culture to remote communities. 

Client: CCTV America / Game Change, Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage



The neighborhood of Tepito is Mexico City's oldest area. It also goes by a different name: Barrio Bravo, “the fierce neighborhood.” It gets its nickname from being one of the most dangerous areas in the city. 

Here you can buy anything, legal or illegal. You can even hire contract killers.

CCTV's John Holman reports. 

Client: CCTV America / Americas Now, Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage


Suchitoto: A place of birds and flowers


Follow an indigo dyer family and civil war veterans in their every day life in Suchitoto and Quintera, at the heart of El Salvador, right where the uprising started. Both villages now live from tourism. It is a very popular weekend destination for Salvadorians, as well as a privileged destination for overseas travellers. It has broad cultural activities such as art galleries, cultural centers and handcraft markets. 

Client: NeedAFixer / Compasslight / OAT

Camera/Production: Gaetan Mariage


Homophobia in Jamaica


Jamaica was once dubbed the most homophobic country in the world by Human Rights Watch. 

It's colonial-era laws, in effect, criminalize homosexuality. Gay rights leaders are now challenging the law in a landmark action that has met fierce resistance, especially from the country's religious community. John Holman reports.

Client: CCTV America / Americas Now

Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage

Rebuilding the Coral Reef


In Jamaica, scientists and fishermen are joining forces to try to restore the island's coral reef after decades of overfishing and damage. The reefs have been steadily destroyed over decades and if they are destroyed completely, the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people and the vital tourism industry could be severely damaged. John Holman reports from Oracabessa Bay in the small town of St Mary on the northern coast of Jamaica. 

Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti


First day of coverage of the cholera outbreak in Haiti that killed more people than the earthquake. 

The Al Jazeera team was the first to report about the outbreak, and was also the first to report the origin of the epidemic.

Sebastian Walker reports. 

Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage

Pororoca Surfers

The Pororoca is a tidal bore, with waves up to 4 metres high that travel as much as 800 km inland upstream on the Amazon River and adjacent rivers. Its name comes from the indigenous Tupi language, where it could translate into "great roar". It occurs at the mouth of the river where its waters meet the Atlantic Ocean. The wave has become popular with surfers. Since 1999, an annual championship has been held in São Domingos do Capim. However, surfing the Pororoca is especially dangerous, as the water contains a significant amount of debris (often entire trees), in addition to dangerous fauna.

Correspondent: Franc Contreras. Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage

Ciudad Juarez Raid


Ciudad Juarez was once the most violent city in the world. 

The Al Jazeera team was embedded in a police raid on drug users in Ciudad Juarez' poorest and most dangerous neighbourhood, "Las Delicias".

Correspondent: Franc Contreras

Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage

Reports from Mexico City's Metro: Sex Trafficking


She is waiting for some one, but she doesn't yet know who he is. As a man approaches she murmurs "150 pesos (10USD) for anything you want." She is one of the fast growing number of sex workers in Mexico City metro. More and more are working down in the tunnels in an influx that has been little reported. But they haven't been able to shake off the pimps who make them little more than slaves, as we discover in our investigative report. 

CCTV America's John Holman reports.

Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage

Tecno Brega


It's a musical genre that's emerging from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Tecno Brega is opening up a new avenue for the independent artists in the recording industry, which is struggling to survive in the digital age. 

CCTV America correspondent Franc Contreras reports on Tecno Brega from Brazil.

Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage

El Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN) es una organización mexicana de carácter político libertaria, que en sus inicios fue militar. Su inspiración política es el zapatismo, el marxismo y el socialismo libertario, y su estructura militar es la guerrilla. Su objetivo es, según el subcomandante Marcos, "¿La toma del poder? No, apenas algo más difícil: un mundo nuevo.”, y en la Declaración de la Selva Lacandona se estableció: "...lucha por trabajo, tierra, techo, alimentación, salud, educación, independencia, libertad, democracia, justicia y paz.. 
Correspondent: Franc Contreras. Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage
Ciudad Juarez was once the crime capital of the world. Thousands of people were killed in the bloody drug war. Juarez' morgue had to face a serious problem:  To deal with these dead bodies, who are often unidentified and buried in a mass grave at the outskirts of the city.
Correspondent: Franc Contreras

Camera/Edit: Gaetan Mariage

Inauguration of AUDI Plant in Puebla, Mexico.

Con la presencia de Rupert Stadler, CEO de Audi AG, miembros del Consejo de Audi y personalidades de la política de México, la marca alemana inauguró su planta de automóviles luego de un tiempo de tres años y medio de construcción para que el 30 se septiembre del 2017 se diera oficialmente inaugurada la planta de Audi México.